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Super Stick IV 465 MHZ
Super Stick IV  465 MHZ
SUPER STICK IV 5/8 wave flexible base loaded telescopic antenna is the standard for field use whether in the countryside or city. This super efficient UHF antenna provides a OMNI directional 6 to 9 db gain and is usable in 2 positions. Fully extended or fully collapsed. It is a true 1/4 wave when collapsed & 5/8 wave when extended. Modular construction features replaceable telescopic section, tuned coil/spring & available with any TA Base. This flex coil matching network provides at band center low SWR as well as a ± 5 MHz band center. Antenna tuned at 465 MHz being the band center, the antenna will perform the same between 460 - 470 MHz. Length Telescope 5" down and 17" up.
Price: $27.00

Product Code: 46510

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SUPER STICK IV 5/8 wave flexible base loaded telescopic antenna
- 50 Watts max power
- Impedance matched to the portable

Helical Elements Construction
- Exterior exclusive NT-mil covering
- Dipped in synthetic rubber to provide a weather seal & webb coil, preventing distortion
- Telescopic section & highly efficient copper-plated helical wound hardened steel wire
- Flow soldered nickel plated brass base

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