Helical Elements

  1. Exterior PVC or TA exclusive NT-MIL special space age covering provides the most rugged yet flexible HT antenna available today.
  2. A synthetic rubber dip provides a weather seal, as well as a dielectric constant and a mechanical web effect between the coils of the spring preventing any distortion of the coil. When heated it bonds to the outer covering.
  3. Highly efficient copper plated radiating elements are used to maximize power to communicate, unlike un-plated elements that have high resistance to RF energy and cause dielectric losses.
  4. Tuned Antenna bases are all flow soldered, assuring excellent electrical connection, plus double protection at the point of maximum stress. The universal bases are all nickel plated brass, not steel, preventing dissimilar metal oxidation or rust. Our antenna bases accept 14 different connectors: BNC, SMA, TNC, etc.
  5. A Black Delron insulator is used for extra strength in all BNC, SMA, TNC, Kenwood connectors, as well as GE-PE, MPR and Repco adapters.
  6. A solid machined brass pin is used in all our connectors for extra strength and attaches through the insulator to the base of the antenna, making a positive electrical connection, as well as a mechanical connection.
  7. Quarter-wave antennas require an associated ground plane counterpoise for proper operation. the size and location of the ground plane relative to the antenna will affect the overall performance of the antenna in the final design. When used in conjunction with a ground plane smaller than that used to tune the antenna, the center frequency typically will shift higher in frequency and bandwidth will decrease. The proximity of the other circuit elements and packaging near the antenna will also affect the final performance. At Smiley Antenna every antenna is tuned on handheld Simulator with no ground plain and no radials for Minimum SWR and Maximum ERP (EFFECTIVE RADIATED POWER). Smiley Antennas are designed and tuned to be used on a hand held radio.