The Smiley Antenna Company

      Forty years ago Bill Smashey and Don Smiley bought out the Tuned Antenna Company. Between Don and Bill, they perfected a company that specialized in tuning antennas that were made out of the finest materials. Coils are made out of steel that are made special for us by a company in San Diego. The coils are copper plated causing radiating elements to maximize power to communicate unlike un-plated elements that have a high resistiveness to RF energy and causes dielectric losses. These coils are dipped in a synthetic rubber to provide a weather seal, as well as a dielectric constant and mechanical web effect between the coils of the spring preventing any distortion of the coil. When heated to the outer covering of NEO or TA exclusive NT-MIL special space age covering, this NEO is baked on to provide the most rugged yet flexible HT antenna available today.

The tuned antenna bases are all flow soldered assuring excelled electrical connection, plus double protection at point of maximum stress. The Smiley Antenna Company has universal bases that fit most radios; the bases are nickel plated brass (not steel), preventing dissimilar metal oxidation or rust. Our Antenna can be fitted to over 10 different connectors, such as BNC, TNC, and SMA. At Smiley Antenna Company, we manufacturer our own bases.

Currently, antennas are ready to be tuned to center frequency. For example, a 2 meter is tuned at 146.250 allowing 5 MHz either direction. With less than 1:3 SWR, you are now able to obtain a 3 to 6 db gain. A 3 db gain gives twice the distance and so on. The gain of the antenna is not judged against repeaters. We do field test. Our equipment allows us to see the gain against antenna's that come with the factory radio. All our tests are against the antenna that comes stock with the radio. When we designed our 2 meter 1/2 wave flexible antenna, we gave the antenna to a ham operator and he drove off over 20 miles and our antenna worked wonderful and it is matched 1:1 SWR. Our dual band, that is a telescopic, works better than a rubber duck dual band because you are going from one frequency to another and only a telescopic can work those areas. So not all antennas can be a rubber duck.

Using the Smiley Antenna system, you have a flexible antenna that gives you a good signal. We have sold over 1,000,000 antennas and counting.

The Smiley Antenna Co. manufactures antennas for emergency services, border patrol, as well as beacon antennas for boats, planes, etc. In fact, we designed an antenna that is now sending back signals on the Saturn space probe. We are very proud of our product and hope you are too.

Smiley Antenna was incorporated in 1984.

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