Featured Antennas:

Stubby Duck 470 MHZ Stubby Duck 470 MHZ

STUBBY TUNED DUCKS Super efficient UHF antenna

Price: $22.00
Mini Rubber Duck 465 MHZ Mini Rubber Duck 465 MHZ

MINI RUBBER DUCKS Super efficient UHF antenna

Price: $22.00
Super Stick IV  465 MHZ Super Stick IV 465 MHZ

SUPER STICK IV 5/8 wave flexible base loaded telescopic antenna

Price: $27.00
REGULAR Duck Aircraft Band     118 - 125 MHZ REGULAR Duck Aircraft Band 118 - 125 MHZ

REGULAR DUCK Super efficient VHF antenna.

Price: $22.00

Smiley Antennas offers a wide range of antennas for emergency services, border patrol, as well as beacon antennas for boats, planes, etc., including dual and tri band, flexible and telescopic, and commercial connectors. The Antennas are flexible, durable, medium to high-gain, USA-made duck, telescoping, mini, whip antennas for GMRS, HAM, MURS, Marine (MMS), Aviation (AIR), LMR and much more. .


Our performance comes from the tuning “WITH NO GROUND PLAIN & NO RADIALS”. The Antennas are Designed & Tuned specifically for Handheld Radios.  The gain of the antenna is not judged against repeaters. We do field test. Our equipment allows us to see the gain against antenna's that come with the factory radio. All our tests are against the antenna that comes stock with the radio. When we designed our 2-meter 1/2 wave flexible antenna for example, we gave the antenna to a ham operator, and he drove off over 20 miles and our antenna worked wonderful and it is matched 1:1 SWR. Our dual band, that is a telescopic, works better than a rubber duck dual band because you are going from one frequency to another and only a telescopic can work those areas. So not all antennas can be a rubber duck antenna.  See our DB gain guide to see how each specific antenna will perform.


The Smiley Antenna Company has developed an outstanding flexible antenna that will simply screw into several antenna bases to fit Motorola, Tempo, Baofeng, Icom, Kenwood, Uniden Scanners, Wouxun, Yaesu , Randy II, Radioddity, Tidradio, Standard, Wilson, RCA, Repco, GE and all other handheld ham radio transceivers using BNC, TNC, MX, SMA, or PL-259 connectors. See the chart below for easy reference to your radio need.


Smiley Antenna Co., Inc. is celebrating 40 years of being the Original Tuned Antenna, hand-made, hand-tuned handheld ham radio antennas made here in the USA.